Answers to your past, present and future are reachable through my clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities. When you ask a question, I see a picture in my mind and answer according to that vision and according to what I sense and 'hear" about the situation. With focus and meditation I have reached into many areas of personal evolution and have maneuvered through complex realities. I have navigated through a near death experience and multitudinous psychic experiences. These qualities and my experiential background give you a well-rounded and full reading. Consultation appointments are usually 1 hour in length.


Coaching consists of assisting you with direction, focus and/or teaching any psychic technique you would wish to learn. Healing formats are taught to assist healing your "self" and others. Healing and learning sessions are designed to enhance your own style. Coaching appointments are usually 1 hour in length.