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He said with the most joyful booming sounds .
The air crackled with electricity washing all traumas away,
The power of a dear and glorious physician.

To the dear doctors, nurses, surgeons and assistants
who bravely go where many cannot endure.

The dedicated medical practitioners are operating under such stress and pressure many can hardly make it through the day. In “the olden days” and still in some small communities a doctor would live and help patients with a long term commitment that is hardly possible in today's hospitals. Befriending was a large part of healing others. Compassionate mindful listening is very healing and can lead to the root of the injury, illness and problem. Now a doctor is given a few minutes to diagnose a patient, taking the healer part away and leaving a technician on a production line.

Doctors make mistakes just like the rest of us. When an incident happens that harms a patient, the incident report is sent to Executive Administration and not included in the medical report. The people that need extra assistance because of these compromising occurrences often do not get it. Even nurses may be left out of the chain of command and therefore lack information to assist their patients. It broke one doctor's spirit, who could not even apologize to his patient because of a possible law suit.

Within 2 minutes of a heart stopping relatives can be pressured into signing off for “harvesting”. The dead are now worth a fortune and the living sometimes costly for medical maintenance. Doctors are given no time or freedom to decide the issue, which is now controlled by executive decision. Transparency is hidden by executive decision and compassion mainly legislated. Patients please be very patient with your doctors as in today’s society they are wounded healers.

Within the comatose, vegetative, anesthetized and clinically dying person there is an energy that goes much farther than flat line wave measurement. These people are living, sentient beings, experiencing at a different level. They are all subconsciously aware and many are conscious and aware of what is said and done around them.

There are active bio-energy patterns and newly discovered Nu-complexes and wave forms previously undiscovered in flat line brain wave measurements. Researchers suspect there are a lot more influences than Nu-wave complexes.  There are ongoing bio-energy patterns of life that are not yet measured with current equipment. Systems of education for awareness of degrees of bio-energy and life evidence discernment are usually not given in current medical education. Harvesting happens with many conscious people. With interested media reporting, more cases are coming to light. The dead appearing are often alive. Thank goodness with 3 D printers, human parts are being made imbued with living cells.  This new technology will overtake human harvesting in the future and people will die and recover more naturally with greater assistance and respect.

I would enjoy sharing information and designing courses

for individuals and groups in the medical community

                 It would be wonderful to see the following subjects included in medical education:

Perception training of usually unobserved bio-energy

Use and application of bio-plasma

Additional diagnostic formats

Energy transfer systems

Healing and regeneration

Energy communications

Power of attitude

Healing thought

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