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A special thank you to an amazing surgeon and his team who three years ago gave me more time in my life to go forward with these galleries and fullfil a dream. It is of great pleasure for me to work on these creative projects. Thank you to all the wonderful people past and present who have made these projects a reality. I love you in all time, space and beyond.

Donna Seymour Galleries
are about the many aspects of wonder that I have experienced so far.
These galleries are starting simple and will be ever expanding in the future
so check in once and a while.

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Bio Energy Gallery:
Drawings of Auras, Communications and Medical Observations

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Bio Energy portraits: Amazing people

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Physics Gallery: Concepts, Drawings

Video Gallery: How to do lots of stuff

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Literature Gallery: Poems, Stories, E-Books

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Image Gallery: Photographs, Assorted

NOW OPEN ! CLICK : Art Gallery: Blue Nudes, Chinese Ink, Drawings, Web Art

Sound Gallery: Readings of Meditations, Poems,
Stories and Books

Contact: donnaseymour@rogers.com for information


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