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There are many file boxes full of my writing. I have chosen a modest selection to start this gallery.

The first piece is my one and only published work. I was 5 years old and the book was the school year book:

The second work is a shape poem written with reversal phrases:

This next piece is about some timeless qualities of an evolved man:

This next piece of writing is to an extremely conservative person hoping to jog a sense of humor:

Now for a bit of seriosity:

Before time
When all was quiet
Energy persisted
Innocent of matter

Conflict arises
out of a lack
of discernment

Beyond the threshold
of behavior is the
clear presence of awareness

The spirit of any individual
is vast
It contains all

Thought, a reality along a force line
What is, pivots around what isn’t
Pivot for a change in reality

Before Time
There was grace
A gentle beingness
Movement without form
Destiny without destination

© Donna Seymour Arts

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