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By our being, we broadcast who we are.
Body language and bio-energy language are engaged in most of our lives much more than words.

Lines of bio-communication

 Most adults use a fraction of possible communication.
Babies and children have a broader range of non-verbal bio-energy communication.
Straight forward direct chakra energy lines of communication are rare in adults.
In esoteric language the direct energy communication would be called an evolved kundalini relationship.

It would look something like the chart below:

Simplified outline of energy exchanges

Exchanges of crown energy -  altruistic, helpful
Exchanges of brow energy – clear seeing, intuitive oneness
Exchanges of throat energy – sensing each other’s expression, creativity
Exchanges of heart energy – understanding, kindness
Exchanges of solar plexus energy - information
Exchanges of sacral energy – sex, sharing
Exchanges of base energy – Physical amplitude, energy

Usually the exchange in adults looks more like this:

Some people communicate with one center dominant.Some with two centers dominant. Some with 3 centers dominant. 
Most do not interact with all centers dominant.

The goals of Zen, Yoga, Prayer, Meditation, are to send and receive with all energy centers balanced and dominant. Different applications are used for different situations. All chakra centers are active in people before birth, except in babies with anomalies.
Developed energy centers evolve with choice, environment, imprinting, exercise and willpower.


   Some examples of energy development, and exchange:

The Sumo wrestler on the left has stronger energy from the base and sacral centers and strong heart energy.
The Sumo wrestler on the right has weaker base and sacral energy and no heart reception.

The children have more open free energy communication .
The boy on the left is focused on the ball.
The boy on the right is focused on stopping the boy on the left and not on the ball.

These dancers have trained energy communication and are wonderfully coordinated.
They have a multi-level open communication in three areas and some in two more partial communications,
which is more than most couples develop. They are a delight to behold.

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