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Donna Fletcher Seymour is a Canadian artist. She studied at The Ontario College of Art, Ryerson, and York University Arts Program. She also apprenticed in fine art restoration, conservation, and oil painting with her father George Fletcher. Chinese brush painting was studied with Ma Shiu Yu. The focus of her present work is with landscape, portrait and abstract exploration done in her studio in Toronto. Photography, film, writing, sailing, middle eastern dance, and martial arts have rounded out her artistic expression.

Donna won "Best In Show", Toronto Historic Harbour, for her oil painting "Ready To Sail". The work is now on display in the permanent collection of the Marine Museum of Upper Canada.

In 1975 a growing awareness of bio-energy of every living being and plant added another dimension to her work. This new addition grew into an abstract art form she now calls Aura Portraits. The study of this bio-energy also continues to infuse her present art, writing and medical observations.

The picture of Donna, age 16, holding a Joshua Reynolds painting shows a previous destructive cleaning method that was used where the paint was being removed as well as the varnish. Donna later cleaned, refurbished and varnished this painting. She is a skilled conservator, apprenticed from the age of six. She conserved and restored art in her father's business for the next 48 years.

Donna sees and feels the bio-energy around you. The aura portrait she makes in each clairvoyant consultation is a full color work of art for you to enjoy.
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About Valeria,

Part warrior, part earth angel
She crafts all my data entry details
My directives without complaint
She is my hands on the computer
Where you see Donna Seymour Arts
On a picture, Valeria has focused
My ideas, sketches and writing and
Made them into a polished computer graphic
Valeria has her own multi-media art school
And also enjoys creating murals for
Children’s rooms and adult spaces
Valeria is a great teacher, artist and friend
I have come to know her talents and qualities
As we sit side by side building my website
We listen to all kinds of wild music
Have lunches, snacks and laughter while
She teaches me computer “smarts”
Without Valeria my work would be in
Storage and tons of file boxes
In this computer age she is making it
Possible to share my dreams and creations
With a technology world

Valeria Kouznetsova

Photo by Dave Lacey

Photo by Dave Lacey

Donna and daughters Cheryl and Sharon "playing" Tai Chi.
Practicing Tai Chi keeps Donna flexible and in good health.


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