The picture " Playing With Aura " shows a child studying the energy aura that is given off by the hands.

Spiritual healing is an additional form of health development that is an assist to formal medical practice. Spiritual healing works on the internal creative fields and the energy fields that flow within and around the body, mind, and spirit.

A healer can give you a "boost" and help balance your energy. Sometimes this is enough to help you heal yourself. Teaching you your own healing formats so you can constantly assist yourself and build your own healing energy and health is usually a much better choice. Meditation, Prayer, Attitude, Reality Changing, Aura Balancing, Chakra Balancing, Visualization, Energy Work, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and Acupressure are some of the teaching approaches Donna uses to help you learn to heal yourself.

Each person is different in their needs and the healing formats taught will vary uniquely with each individual.

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Three Stages Of A Healing

Three stages of a healing are depicted in the drawings A, B, and C.

In A, the energy on the left side (woman is face front view) is turgid and some places are missing in the aura. This picture is after a seizure in which stroke effects were demonstrated. In B, the individual has used a variety of alternate healing approaches to effect change as no medical methods were forthcoming. Spiritual healing, energy healing, aura balancing, acupressure, visualization, massage, exercise, relaxation and meditation were used to attain a healthy state. Healing was rapid, taking 6 months rather than years. You can see the additional energy where the holes are beginning to fill in. In C, the aura is in good condition.

Each person heals differently and in their own time span. The drawings above are only of one case.


Birds go quickly into a state of shock state when injured. They usually pass out cold and end their lives. The main thing in bird healing is to hold them, maintain a constant warm body temperature, have some form of movement, ( a rocking chair, swaying back and forth sitting and walking) to keep them from slipping into a point of no return especially overnight.

Depending on the injury and time lapsed you would feed them or release them directly when they recover quickly. Worm and bug eaters do well on meat baby food fed with an eye dropper and seed eaters with ground up seed.
The bird pictured above had slammed into a window and its neck was flopped over the side of its body. The neck looked broken and the eyes looked gone. When I picked it up I could feel its heart faintly beating so I went into action.

Holding the body in both hands for warmth and stability with the head and beak balanced in position on my fingers I rocked seated on a chair for forty minutes. The bird began to stand up and regain consciousness. The head was still supported by my fingers until the bird could lift the head by itself. The bird regained its energy and spunk so I quickly took it outside balanced in my hand. In a couple of minutes it moved its wings and flew to a near by tree. It looked fine.


Healing sessions are also given for animals and healing approaches are taught to you to work on your own pets.

The elephant in the photograph has a "dropped trunk", where the trunk end just lies dead on the ground. This is a condition where the trunk has no active muscle to lift itself and throw food into its mouth and therefore it starves to death unless hand fed. The system designed by Donna to help this elephant start flowing energy through the trunk so it can bend and throw food in its mouth, is an electrical acupressure system with a miniscule charge given off by a small flashlight battery. The system follows the acupuncture points and stimulates the nerves to work. You can see by the 3 pictures taken during a ½ hour treatment that this method is working as the elephant is curling its trunk more each time it reaches for another jelly bean.


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