Donna is a professional clairvoyant with 35 years experience.
She uses various skills to give her clients an enjoyable, uplifting, caring, informative and in-depth consultation.

Skype Clairvoyant Appointments

Donna draws a bio-energy portrait and talks with you at the same time, explaining your energy fields.
Ask questions in any area that you choose during the consultation.
At the end of your appointment your Aura Portrait is e-mailed to you.
All consultations are totally private, confidential, considerate and polite.

No Skype? I can help you to set up in five minutes.
If you choose to print your E-Mail Aura Portraits, the drawings are very attractive matted and framed.

For information e-mail Donna at

E-mail to arrange date and time of appointment

Consultation is $ 148 for 1 hour.


All information channeled within your consultation is accurately detailed in relation to my clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient abilities.
***Any information in relation to personal and health care, needs to be fully discussed with your medical doctor before taking any action on my channeled advice.

Are you wondering about the new aura apps on cell phones and photographic machines? These aura images are artificially produced with random overlays.

Authentic aura bio-imaging outside of Kirlian photography is about 10 years into the future. Plasma bio-imaging will benefit the medical, diagnostic and research fields unlocking many mysteries.

Have a gathering with a theme!
In person events are only available in Toronto, Ontario
and surrounding area at this time.

Entertainment can be custom tailored to your group.
Size of the group can range from three people to as many
people as you can accommodate in a large venue space.

Gala * Holiday Party * Dinner * Tea * Awards Event* Spa Day *

Client Appreciation Event* Staff Appreciation Event * Open House Showing *

Special Interest Group * Wellness Day * Picnic * Welcome Home *

Valentine's Day * Wedding Reception* Shower * Birthday *

Use E-Cards for all your announcements, special events, and messages.
Some Ideas using Donna Seymour's Art E-Cards:
Thank You, Appreciation, Special Days, Special Moments, Invitations,
Messages, and Gift Certificates.

To view the E-Card Mini Gallery click here

Ideas for creative entertainment and gift choices to add special moments!

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Aura Readings are accompanied by an individual hand-drawn Aura Portrait in colour for the client to take home.
These are the most popular readings at events and usually cause a lot of excitement. Aura Portraits are great ice-breakers as people take the drawings back to their group and talk about them, providing extended entertainment. Personal readings are made by e-mailing Donna for an appointment.
Old-fashioned readings designed for self-revelation and fun.
Enhance every-day success by tuning into the strokes of your writing.
Energize, revitalize, refresh, with the perfect break from
long meetings. Reduces stiffness, helps focus and provides relaxation and entertainment at day-long events and workshops.
Several topics are available that can include your theme or
message as part of the presentation. Unique and original subject matter.

Contact for information

Donna has consulted for many organizations including: Noranda Inc., Municipal Electric Association, Royal Doulton, Royal Trust, Bank of Montreal, T.D. Waterhouse, the Automotive Aftermarket Retailers Association, Procter & Gamble, The Bay, The Diabetes Society, Ontario March of Dimes, Sky Dome, Rogers, Royal Ontario Museum, Winners, Air France, Toronto Dominion Bank, Chapters, Chatelaine, Children's Miracle Network, Ontario Hockey Hall of Fame, Action Front, CTV, Canada Life, Microsoft, Roy Thompson Hall, Canadian Cancer Society, Stott Pilates, Telus, Toshiba, Childrens Aid Society, United Way, numerous event planners, entertainment companies, radio and television.

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